We provide in-home care with a caring touch!

We provide solutions for in home care services making it affordable for any budget. We offer respite care, personal care, sitter care, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparations, med-box fill, run errands, transportation, among other special care that fit your needs. When compared to industry standards in cost pricing structures, we are highly competitive in this market. Likely comparable to a few, yet we strive to achieve excellence beyond all others.

In home care services:

Our personal care services

Our services are designed to assist seniors, recovering or disabled people who need assistance with daily activities, like showering, bathroom, shaving, hair care, dressing. In home care services allows your loved one to enjoy the benefits of private care while feeling comfortable in their homes and maintaining some of their independence.

This In home care services provided by A Caring Touch aids people who are recovering after a hospital visit, are ill, or just elder.

Medication Assistance

Our In home caregivers are there to ensure your loved one is reminded to take their medication correctly. This is one of the most important service that A Caring Touch provides. This makes medication intake manageable, reduces confusion, and ensures your loved one is taking the correct dosage.

Domestic support

Hiring In home care can relieve our loved ones of some hassle of cleaning, doing laundry, and doing difficult chores around the house, which can sometimes end up in accidents or getting hurt. Our services are designed to assist with daily activities that can become complex while recovering from a hospital stay, illness, or just old age.

Our In home caregivers can assist with shopping, meal preparation, gardening, light housekeeping, among other activities.

Physical support

We assist with scheduled doctor’s office visits or allied healthcare services, social support activities, day trips, mobility assistance.

Emotional support

A Caring Touch knows that social interaction is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Our Companionship care services are designed to aid people that are alone in their homes for portions of the day. Feeling alone and isolated can cause depression and deteriorate health.

We believe in meaningful connections and stimulating activities that uplift the mind and spirit.

Independent living

A Caring Touch In home caregivers provide different services that allow people that need assistance to stay at home while living a stimulating life. Keeping a sense of independence while recovering from an illness, or being a senior can be a challenging task. Our In home caregivers are compassionate, nurturing, and ready to assist your loved ones with professional care.


Placement Services
(Free of charge)

Our placement team can help clients and families locate and secure suitable residential care based on client needs and preferences.

Care Management

Our Caregivers provide support and dignified care on all daily activities like bathing and
personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, medication, transportation, errands, shopping, and meal preparation.

What does it mean to have A Caring Touch?

It means receiving care from a fully trained and qualified caregiver at home to meet all needs. Help with washing, toileting, bathing, dressing, medication, preparing and eating food; help with chores, gardening and even pet care. Perhaps, and most importantly, it means to have the support of a competent and competitive home health agency that provides physical and emotional aide that allows to remain at home, in familiar surroundings and continuing with work at home, hobbies and social events.

Years of experience in assisting others with dignity and high-quality care have given peace of mind to families and friends that have chosen A Caring Touch Home Care for its physical, emotional, and financial options.

All of our employees are licensed, bonded and covered by workman’s compensation.
We serve all of San Diego county.